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Politics, Philosophy & Morality:

The Philosophy of Liberty

The Complete and Undeniable Truth – Larken Rose

The Objective of Morality

The Fallacy of “Representative Government”

Statism is Slavery

The Truth about Voting

Larken Rose “youre not the boss of me” (part 2) (part3)

Democracy as rule by people – ridiculous

Definition of the State

Alan Watts – Who guards the guards?

The Story of your Enslavement

The Century of the Self – Adam Curtis

The Proof of Anarchy

If You Were King! (why a hierarchy of violence ie: government/kings NEVER Works!)

Farming, Food, Plants, Herbal Medicine & Sustainable Living:

I wish I knew this 40 years ago (weeds are superfoods)

1 MILLION pounds of Food on 3 acres. 10,000 fish 500 yards compost

Greening the Desert

Organic VS Wild Food

Top 6 Ways to Identify & Avoid Genetically Modified Foods (GMOs)

Food Inc. (Trailer)

War, Foreign Policy & History:

War is a Lie

Saddam Hussein – The Trial you will never see

Irelands Success with the Free Market & Anarchism


USA Has A History Of Attacking Themselves To Go To War!

Talk – Dr. Doug Rokke – Depleted Uranium

Psychology, Learning & Parenting

Dr. Gabor Maté on ADHD, Bullying and the Destruction of American Childhood

The Bomb in the Brain – An Introduction (what causes violence in society?)

Philip Zimbardo: Why ordinary people do evil … or do good

Money, Banking & Economics:

Austrian Economics: Why It Matters – Tom Woods

Free Market Environmentalism – Walter Block

The Banker


Money as Debt (parts 2-5 in youtube sidebar)

The Secret of Oz


Robert Anton Wilson The Acceleration Of Knowledge (Part 1) Parts 2-6 in youtube side bar Short version

The Girl who silenced the World

The Sunset of the State

Charlie Chaplin speaks (on Love & War)

How it feels to have a Stroke (Amazing!)

Birke Baehr – “What’s Wrong With Our Food System”

Links to Youtube users & Websites full of great information!

All my Paper.Li Twitter Feeds in one place

Stefan Molyneux’s Youtube (Philosopher) & His Main Site

The Mises Community (Austrian Economics, Liberty & Voluntaryism)

The Real News Network

Russia Today (News channel)

TNS Radio (Freedom information sharing)

Max Igan – The Crowhouse

The Corbett Report

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